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Youth Squad


Many members of our Youth Squad have gone on to further education in Universities across the UK, we do still however have some active Youth members who represent the club in the Yorkshire and Humberside Travellers series and also represent Yorkshire in the NSSA regatta.

Tall Ships - Expedition:


Max Nicholson & Elliot Richards are heading for the high sea’s this August when they take part in the last leg of the Tall Ships race from Norway to Hartlepool thanks to the support of the ‘Quids- In’ fund. Max, a keen youth member of the Club, and is already an accomplished dinghy sailor, making his mark sailing a Laser Radial for the club in the Yorkshire and Humberside Youth Sailing Association Travelers Series, which takes place at various venues across the region. The daring duo will be crewing the good ship ‘Maybe’ on the voyage from Kristiansand to Hartlepool in the final leg , ‘Maybe’ was built in the 1920,s and is rumoured to have been commandeered by Rommel in the 2nd World War to entertain his officers.

Max will be returning to Ulley Sailing Club later this summer when hopefully the reservoir will be topped up with water.

Max and Elliot take with them our very best wishes and we will keep a weather eye on the horizon.


The boys have decided to collect sponsorship for the Teenage Cancer Trust and have a dedicated web page where you can make a donation to this worthwhile cause if you wish.

Just follow the link below

 Max Returns



Max has returned from the Tall Ships race, following the North Sea crossing from Kristiansand in Norway. The crossing started with a force 8 on the start line which changed to a pretty flat in the middle of the race.

Max was aboard the good ship Maybe which finished 9th in its class and 30th overall. Visitors to the Tall Ships included our very own Commodore and First lady in addition to Steve and Maggie  Butler who were there for the duration.

Both Max and his friend Elliot had a great experience that was made possible by the RMBC Quids in Fund.

Max's most favorable experience was the night shift from Midnight to 4am watching the Sun rise. 

Many thanks to all those who sponsored the boys , The Teenage Cancer Trust is a particularly close to the hearts of Wickersley Comp students  as they lost a fellow student this last year to Cancer