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Toppers are a good introductory boat and are sailed throughout the U.K. by adults and children alike.  Young children can accompany a parent in the boat making it ideal for teaching children the fundamentals of sailing.

Over 40,000 have been made since the class was introduced more than 20 years ago making it the most successful Bermudan rigged twelve footer ever.  It is a testament to the original design that the class is still as strong as ever today.

The Topper has become one of the top racing classes of its type within the U.K. and, because of it's world-wide racing pedigree, it has attained full international racing status from the International Sailing Federation.  The boat is virtually unsinkable and is quick and easy to right after a capsize.  The sail can be reefed easily (even on the water) meaning that in the event of a blow the boat can be piloted back with relative ease.  The hull is injection-moulded polypropylene which combines strength and flexibility with lightness and virtually everlasting life.  Because of this, resale values are high.

Teenagers who aspire to owning a Laser often spend time in a Topper until they have sufficient body weight to cope with a Laser (at least ten and a half stones needed).

Type – Singlehander
Length – 3.4 m
Beam – 1.2 m
Weight – 43 kg
Sail Area – 5.2 m2
P.Y. – 1295

New boats cost about £2,000 and second hand start at about £400.