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Designed by Jack Holt, the Streaker would seem to fit well between the Topper and Laser, suiting the average person better than the extremes.  For its surprisingly small size, it gives good performance on all points of sailing and gives the smooth feeling of a 16' boat, for it is a thorough-bred with no compromise.  The Streaker has a very favourable handicap rating and is sailed widely throughout the UK with some 1,800 boats having been made (but not all still in circulation).

The Streaker offers extremely lively racing performance in a very broad range of conditions, belying the relatively modest Portsmouth Yardstick of 1162.  A benefit of the low hull weight is that when ashore the Streaker is light and easy to handle and can be carried on the roof of most small family cars without any problem.

Streakers are available in all stages of completion, from a set of plans, to a finished, ready-to-sail boat.  For those who wish to build their own boats, kits are supplied as a selection of pre-cut hull panels.  The original method of assembly was to quickly tack together the panels with short lengths of copper wire prior to the seams being permanently held firm with fibreglass tape and epoxy resin, but this construction system has now been superseded by modern epoxy methods.  The result is a very strong, but rigid construction in relation to its low weight.  Typically such a boat can be built in little over one hundred man hours.

Type – Singlehander
Length – 3.88 m
Beam – 1.37 m

Weight – 48 kg
Sail Area – 6.5 m2
P.Y. – 1162

New boats cost about £5,000 and second hand start at about £400.