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The Mirror Dinghy is a very versatile little boat, ideal for a beginner and for teaching both children and grandchildren alike.

This boat can be sailed as a single-hander or with a crew.  If you have children they will soon want to sail the boat on their own.

The Mirror is what we call a forgiving boat: that is, if you make a mistake it will not punish you by capsizing.  Having mastered the Mirror you can now join the Racing Fleet if you desire or move to one of the faster boats.

They are a very easy boat to recognise with their brilliant red sails, every sailing club has some.  They can be put on top of a car to take to the sea for the summer holidays.

New boats cost approximately £3,000. Second hand they start at £300

Type - Single Hander or with Crew
Length - 3.3m
Beam - 1.39 m
Weight complete - 61kg
Hull - 45.5kg
Sail area Main - 4.6 sq metres
Sail area Jib   - 1.9 Sq metres

PY 1385