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 Series Results for 2011 to 30/10/11

(after adjustment to show final positions after any tie breaks)  

12:30 Series 1 results 2011 (04/04 to 29/05)

1st  M Burkitt                 2nd N Wasley               3rd  D White                           Details

12:30 Series  2 results 2011 (05/06 to 21/08)

1st  M Velamail             2nd  J Woffinden          3rd  D White                             Details

12.30 Series  3 results 2011 (29/08 to 30/10)

1st  J Woffinden            2nd  D White                3rd  P Cleverley                        Details

Spring Tankerd 2011 (03/04 to 29/05)

1st  T Vick                      2nd  K Russon              3rd  M Burkitt                         Details

Commordore's Cup 2011 (05/06 to 10/07)

1st  A Loveday               2nd J Woffinden            3rd  K Russon                         Details

Rose Bowl 2011 (17/07 to 21/08)

1st  M Velamail               2nd  M Nicholson          3rd  K  Russon                             Detalis

Auturm Sheild 2011 (28/08 to 30/10)

1st  J Woffinden             2nd  K Russon              3rd  J Twiggs                          Details

2011 Wednesday Evening  Series 1 (13/04 to 22/06)

1st  T Vick                       2nd  J Woffinden           3rd  M Nicholson                   Details

2011 Wednesday Evening Series 2 (29/06 to 21/09)

1st  M Velamail               2nd  K Russon              No one Else Qualifed            Details

 Frostbite 2011(06/11/2011 to 18/12/2011)

 1st Mark Burkitt/Claire Thickett  2nd Dave Staniforth/Becky Thickett 3rd J Twiggs        Details