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Race Management

Part 1 - Preparation

1. All paperwork is available at the Sailing Desk. Spare copies of Signing-on forms, Race sheets, Protest forms, etc. are kept in the metal box-file in the club cupboard. Stop-clock, flags, bell, etc. will usually be found in the OD cabin.

2. Aim to have 'Signing-on' sheets, suitably dated, available at the Sailing Desk at least 30 minutes before the start of a race.  These are kept in a special Signing-on Folder, which should be kept available at the Sailing Desk at all times.  Race results sheets must also be made available for competitors to 'Sign-off' at the end of each race.  At the end of a day's racing, please put all sheets in the plastic Race Folder and return to its slot at the Sailing Desk.

3. Always start races promptly at the published start times and aim to make the duration of each race to be at least an hour even for the faster boats.

4. Race Officers are encouraged to start races at places other than at the OD cabin transit line when weather conditions allow and special equipment is available for this purpose.  Please ask for details.  However, for Handicap racing, a start and finish line must be one and the same so that a whole number of laps will be sailed.

5. When operating at the OD Cabin:

  1. Set transit arm along start/finish line at approximately 90 degrees to the wind direction and decide on a course. Ask about start line biasing.
  2. Display course numbers, with appropriate port/starboard colours, and the number of laps for the race.
  3. Put bell and hammer in place and hoist flag lanyards onto yardarm with long wooden pole.  Attach relevant flags, which are all clearly labelled in the OD cabin, to lanyards in lowered position.
  4. Make sure you have stop-clock, race sheets, pen, etc..
  5. Check rescue boat and crew are on stand-by.

Part 2 - During Racing


Please refer to the start procedure.  Remember to start your stop-watch at the beginning of Handicap races and record the Elapsed Time (ET) and the number of laps completed for each boat.  For class, or handicap, racing the relevant Class Flag should be used.

INDIVIDUAL RECALL: Promptly display Flag 'X - ONE BELL

Inform any boat over line at stab, by hailing her sail number, that she has not yet started.  When all boats have started correctly, lower Flag 'X'.

Remember, the onus is on the helm to ascertain if a boat has started correctly.

GENERAL RECALL: Raise 'First Substitute' Flag. - TWO BELLS

Follow complete start procedure again one minute after lowering 'First Substitute'.


SHORTEN COURSE: Raise Flag 'S' and Class Flag - TWO BELLS

This signal should be made before the leading boat has rounded the last mark of the course.


Record elapsed time and number of laps completed of all finishing boats.
Also, record the rig of all Laser sailors and whether Mirrors are single or double handed.


When choosing the moment to finish a Handicap race aim to make the time between the first finisher and the last finisher to be as short as possible.  This may entail finishing slower boats before faster ones.


lf separate class starts are necessary, then these will be signalled at 5 minute intervals.  This slightly complicates the 'Flags & Bells' procedure so please ask if you are in doubt over any point.  Remember to record the different fleet results separately on the Race Sheet and that elapsed times (ET) and the number of laps completed will be needed for handicap fleets.

Part 3 - After Racing

1. At the OD cabin:

  1. Collect in and return ALL equipment to the OD cabin.
  2. Unhook 'Transit Arm' and store in OD cabin.
  3. Secure all shutters, switch off heater if necessary, lock both cabin doors and the gate at the bottom of the steps.

2. Take Race Sheets to Sailing Desk for competitors to 'Sign-off' and then return them, along with the Signing-on sheets to Race Folder.

3. Put Race Folder into relevant slot at the Sailing Desk.